Kgabo Jeweler & Craft

Mr. Bongani Moledi

Kgabo Jeweler & Craft is a South African designer and manufacturer of unique titanium jewelry. Bong’s Jeweler & Craft makes many different designs in the form of earnings, pins, and pendants.

The company is black-owned and was established in January 2020. Kgabo jeweler was founded and run by Mr. Bongani Moledi an experienced and well-qualified jeweler whose experience started in 2001 as a student at a higher education institution in South Africa.  Bong’s jeweler & craft produces and manufactures fine quality jeweler and craft work at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on prolific manufacturing techniques to make global standard products.

Our products range from low-cost materials that are transformed into high-end yet affordable jewelers to high-end investment products of jewelry Gemstones and artifacts. We aim to distribute our products through our own retail center and through established platforms like trade fairs and markets, internet sales, and social media. I put my personal signature on every piece of jewelry or item that leaves our factory to our customers.

Kgabo Jeweller Collection

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925 Sterling Silver Ring with green cubic zirconia

The Jewellery Village

925 Sterling Silver Ring with cubic zirconia

The Jewellery Village

Designer item #3

The Jewellery Village

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